Dr. Alison Sommerland
Dr. Sommerland is a professional psychologist who specializes in dream analysis and therapy.  While on Earth, she blazed a successful career -- first in private practice with a pair of other doctors.  And, later, with the Fortune100 firm, Avers & Brant. There, she was a key employee in pioneering research funded by the US military.

Yet, something prompted her to leave the lucrative position.

About average height for a woman, there is little else about her that gets that adjective. From her refined manicures to taste in designer apparel, Alison conveys class and a sense of style.  Her demeanor is an assured one;  it sometimes seems there's nothing anyone can toss at her she can't handle.  Even by just admitting she doesn't know, isn't sure, or doesn't care, when it happens to be the case.

Alison is a fairly private person. Some designate her a bit of an ice-queen, or even a bitch.  But, they are the casual acquaintances - not infrequently those who wanted something they didn't get. Friends, peers, and patients give better report; perhaps noting she just isn't willing to sweeten her opinions and views in the name of being liked.