Justice Jeanie Robinson
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair Color: Dark brown (chemically lightened)
Eye Color: Vibrant Hazel-green
Skin Tone: Naturally tan
Build: Fit without being bulky
Age: 18
Character Model: A young Erica Durance

JJ is a tall, fit girl with a natural tan and long, naturally dark brown hair she regularly lightens.  She has distinctive hazel-green eyes and cleft chin often set in a stubborn line.  She tends to wear comfortable, rugged clothing that she can move easily in: tank tops and khakis, good sneakers, and layers of shirts so she can stay warm or cool as she travels.  She carries a long canvas duffle bag strapped across her chest with her bokken tucked inside, and an old acoustic guitar in its equally old, battered black case.