Tom Morgan

Tom is about 35 yrs old.  The leader of the Savannah pack.  He keeps his hair a bit longer than men of this era and always on the shaggy side.  He's quite built and is about 6'5" with medium brown hair and Hunter green eyes.

Thomas Morgan

From an old Georgia family and brought up on a farm outside Savannah, Tom Morgan seemed destined for a regular if unexceptional life, albeit one punctuated with alcohol and violence. In his late teens, he was involved in a stupid, drunken brawl with local werewolves and accidentally infected. His life changed. The Ulfric of the local pack, a dominating, combative man demanded he come to heel, not wanting a loose cannon creating trouble for him. After a struggle of wills and physical strength, the Ulfric forced Tom to submit. At the instruction of the Ulfric, he learned a trade, learned to fight but most of all, he learned discipline. In time, he became Hati and then Skoll of the pack, fighting his way up the hierarchy and enforcing the same obedience and loyalty to the Ulfric and to the pack he had learned years before.

As the Ulfric grew older and slower, it was Tom who protected his mentor, defeating first the Geri and then the Freki to prevent either from challenging his leader. Ultimately though, when the Ulfric began to show weakness, letting wolves get away with more, letting discipline slip and security lapse, after a rogue wolf had turned at least two wolves in attacks that brought down the wrath of the local authorities, Tom acted, challenging and then killing his mentor and claiming the position of Ulfric for his own.

Tom has been Ulfric now for ten years and has faced down three challenges to his rule, killing each of the challengers; no others currently appear willing to take the risk. Dominant, he rules with an iron fist, demanding submission from all wolves in the Savannah area. He doesn’t brook lone wolves and he has no truck with democracy or talk of “rights”. He sees the world as generally hostile to shifters and his job as surviving and ensuring the survival of his kind. He expects wolves to learn to protect themselves and for alphas to protect those weaker than themselves. In his mind, pack comes before individuals, needs come before desires. Most might think him harsh – he can be – but he has seen shifters killed by hunters. However, when he is allowed to relax with those he knows and trusts he can show a warm side and even a wry sense of humor, but rarely lets that side of him show to outsiders. He runs a "haulage"/warehousing business (legitimate and rather less so) and offers work to wolves and even other shifters.