"You've come seeking something..."

"But let me warn you."

"What ever it is...There will be a price to be paid."

"Are you willing to pay the price for what you seek?"

There...in the shadows a man. His face obscured from view, his visage little more than a shroud of darkness that the eyes refused to penetrate. He was wearing a well tailored three piece suit with a wide brimmed fedora pulled low, or was it a tuxedo and top hat? It didn't matter they said he had answers, they said he could get you anything you wanted for a price. Did he notice? Its hard to tell if he's looking this way...The airs getting colder...a chill winding its way down the spine. He noticed...

He makes no movement, he simply waits. It feels like a mountain of pressure pushing downward. Its a sobering experience. But now the choice, step forward and approach the shadowy figure of the man known as Jack? Or turn away and forget, forget you ever saw him, forget that he noticed you and that the air turned so cold it burned. Forget that He has what you desire and you can have it, for a price.

The air is so cold you can see your breath, the choice is weighing down upon you you can't wait any longer you have to decide...

- Verbal account from a member of the Capone Gang.