Sariel Naivara
A moderately proportioned human woman with brown hair and eyes. She wears leather armor, a longbow and pair of quivers at her back as well as a rapier at her hip all under a grey traveler's cloak. She looks to be in her mid 20s but weathered through both exposure to the elements and some harrowing experiences. She has a dire wolf fang on a piece of string about her neck and a pair of iron manacles secured in a pouch on her belt indicating that she works either within the law as a bounty hunter or without as a slaver.

  Character Name  : Sariel Naivara         Height : 5' 7"
  Deity           : Tymora (good fortune)  Weight : 102lb
  Character Race  : Human (Variant)        Eyes   : Brown
  Alignment       : Chaotic Good           Hair   : long, straight, brown, mostly tied back