Gideon Acapella
In general, most folks hear Gideon well before they seem him.  The lazy clop of horse hooves accompanied by the jingle of bells and the rhythmic clatter of wooden wheels meld together in a discordant, but not unpleasant cacophony that heralds his approach.  His wagon is a large Gypsy caravan model painted in a riot of colors and laden with banners and streamers of all shapes and sizes.  Along the sides is written "Doctor Gideon's all natural Pain-be-gone still only 8 crowns per bottle!" below these signs are placards that list his services: "Dentist, Barber, Messenger, Postman, Surgeon and Tinker!  Choose your poison and Doctor Gideon has the cure!"

Gideon himself is a smiling man of 30 or so years with honest blue eyes and well groomed blonde hair.  He wears fashionable clothes and a jaunty hat complete with Ostrich feathers.  Besides a Dagger he has no other visible weapons, unless one counts his silent and dour looking full time groom and part-time bouncer, York.