Merlin Donnybrook
Merlin Donnybrook is dressed in nondescript clothing covered by a frayed and
worn black cloak and long grey scarf.  A bandolier bristling with daggers is
strapped across his chest.  Beneath the cowl is a gaunt, hollow cheeked face
and his lithe body is lean and wiry: the body of an acrobat and swordsman used
to long hours of combat and training.  A far cry from the cherubic Halflings
one is used to seeing in the Five Shires.  Merlin's eyes dart about constantly
like a trapped animal, but they seemingly miss nothing.

On closer inspection:
Peaking out from beneath the sleeves of his shirt can be seen a curious pair of
metal armbands that project three bladed Claws that reach a few inches beyond
Merlin's extended fingers.

Merlin's Cloak has a curious empty spot on the breast where a badge or insignia
would normally be found.  The stitching is still visible so whatever symbol
that was once present has been recently removed.