Something of an oddity, this figure is large and imposing; standing at least a few heads taller than most men, and perhaps just shy of a small ogre.  The figure wears nondescript leather armor on his torso and heavy leather leggings on his bottom half.  A pair of likewise nondescript shoes cover his feet, and plain leather gloves cover his hands.  The figure's thick arms are noticeably bare; perhaps too large and muscled to fit into the sleeves which once accompanied the torso armor.

At first glance, the face of the figure appears mostly human, but there's something not quite right about the features; perhaps a touch of mixed blood somewhere in the family tree.  The brow is too heavy; the forehead angled oddly; whatever the case, there's something vaguely unappealing and savage in the face.

Set into the savage face is also something which is unnerving and blatantly unnatural.  The eyes do not hold normal pupils.  Each eye instead contains two triangular colored portions -one purple and one orange- which overlap with each other and seem to ever so slowly and lazily rotate in opposite directions on a shared axis, almost like two clock hands bolted to the center of the same time piece; only if one of the hands were to move backward.  In the middle, where the body of both colored triangles overlap, the two colors create the same muddy sort of brown an artist might expect from mixing orange and purple.  Currently, the two triangular portions are in a position which creates a pattern similar to what Earth-folk would know as the Star of David.

Upon the savage head with the strange eyes is an item which stands in stark contrast to the nondescript and plain leather armor the creature wears.  A cloth cap made of high quality cotton, dyed the hue of a majestic violet, and stitched with an ornate and yellow arcane symbol motif resides atop the large figure's skull.

In one of the leather-gloved hands which appear overly large upon closer inspection, is a second item which stands in stark contrast to the nondescript and plain leather armor; this one seeming even more out of place than the ornate cap.  What is seen gripped tightly inside one of the large powerful hands is a blackened oak quarterstaff with ornate spiral grooves, and a multitude of embedded semi-precious stones.  At the midpoint is a two inch wide hollow cylinder of amethyst through which the blackened oak passes; the stone itself being wrapped in some arcane language which appears to repeat the same set of symbols, a phrase perhaps, over and over again.

Reaction Modifiers
Unattractive -1
Social Stigma Savage -2
Ornate Quarterstaff +3 (Blackened Oak Staff with ornate spiral grooves,
                        and a multitude of embedded semi-precious stones)
Ornate Cloth Cap +1 (Purple Cap with ornate arcane symbol motif)
Sense of Duty Adventuring Companions: Conditional +2
Unmistakable Power -2 on reaction rolls if noticed -(except wizards or supernatural beings)
Unmistakable Power: Conditional +1 or -1 from wizards

The Cap and Staff (for those who might be able to read the symbols)
The symbols on the cap are mostly gibberish, and appear to be primarily intended as decorations.

The staff says something to the effect of "...and as I imbue this stick with power, it shall, beyond my death, imbue my blood with the ability to do great deeds. Brindille D'Yayoc."  It appears to be a phrase followed by a name.