Sorsha is a short beautiful elf with dark reddish long hair. At barely 5', she weighs barely 100 lb's.  She has a face that everyone seems to trust with her deep blue eyes even though she can be blunt at times. She has a slender body with a shapely figure with a fair complexion. She tends to wear tight black leather armor when she is working with a long dark hooded cloak with soft knee high boots. She normally carries a small sword over her back and some daggers on her belt.

Sorsha is an elf, born to a mother that was a mage and a father that was in the thieves guild. She grew up in the street, learning to be a mage but also working with her father. Then came the day that her father had down something to bother some powerful people in the city. Her parents decided it was time he left and her mother want with him. They have been gone several years.  Now she works with the guild as a mage thief. After her parents left, they left her some magic items.