If not for the shining silvery nimbus that illuminates him wherever he goes, as if he were constantly in the spotlight, Melchizedek could pass as simply a human. A human that stands just a little bit taller than average, a little stronger, a little smarter, a little more attractive, a little more fit... just a little more than man. Most would consider him to be an attractive man at that, and not just most women or even men, but most beings regardless of racial, or plane of origin. He is not transcendent nor even considerably handsome. It's just that everyone tends to find something in his appearance that they find appealing.

Melchizedek stands 5' 11" tall and weighs 170lbs. He wears his golden, not merely blonde, hair at a medium length with a center part and sports a meticulously groomed balbo. He appears very fit, healthy, and lightly muscled like a man who has not neglected his physique despite long hours spent in study and meditation.

The white robes that adorn him reflect his silver glow and the golden yellow trim shimmers as he moves. His silver staff bears a solar disc upon it, a symbol of Helios, and is ornately embossed and engraved with characters and events of his faith (ornate +3). Wrapped in linen and tied across his back is a simple lyre.

Reaction Modifiers of Note: Attractive (Universal) +1, Charisma +1, Voice +2.