Oren is a familiar face in the industry, with a reputation for professionalism and reliability. He's a good looking human in his mid-twenties, with an easy-going smile and a peaceful demeanor.

It's well known that he is a dynastic adventurer, born into the business to treasure-hunting parents, raised to assist them with logistical matters. After they disappeared a decade ago, he started selling his skills to guild-members, occasionally serving as an adventurer in his own right.

He's a skilled negotiator and merchant, a facilitator and fixer, someone who can make things happen. In recent years he's moved to the other side of the business, leaving town to delve into dungeons directly.

He dresses practically and tastefully in travel-worn middle-class attire, from his hooded cloak to his leather boots, and when "working" out in the field, dons a suit of leather armor. A well crafted wooden cudgel hangs from one hip, and he's got a pair of daggers on the other.

ooc: Relevant social advantages - Attractive, Honest Face, Social Chameleon, +1 reputation (everyone, all the time) Hero