Danos is a tall mountain elf, with a rapier on his hip and a bow over his shoulder.


Danos comes from the mountain elf tribes across the northern seas. Like all elves he loves and reveres nature, but some of his other proclivities - specifically regarding his thirst for gold - made him unpopular amongst his people. He has little regard for the more barbarous races, but likes that they tend to amass wealth that he can then steal.

If Danos has one weakness, it's fine art. While purses of coins always appeal to him getting his hands on something well-crafted and beautiful is a real treat to him, and he has been hired in the past to by patrons looking to recover their stolen merchandise.

He has come to Northport very recently, and hasn't made too many connections yet. But the various mercenary guilds and influx of recent immigrants seems to mean that a spy and thief won't ever lack for work. He has just recently joined the Adventurer's guild in the hopes that this will provide a base of operations and connections through which he can get jobs and fence his stolen items.