Dareos Madrigar
What you see

6'0" medium build.  Dark One, Black Eyes with vertically slit pupils.  Greasy slicked back black hair.  Tentacles for fingers.  Scruff of hair on his chin.

Covered head to toe in nice leather armor, bearing a pack of various practicals, and armed with a few axes and shield for troublesome days.

He wears a royal purple cloak and mantle.  A beige or white tunic is worn under the armor.  The icon of Sethygg, an ancient snake god of Healing, is clearly visible on the breast of the armor and on the surface of the heater shield as well as the jewele-eyed torc around his neck.

Sethyggs emblem is a two-headed snake intertwined (like the medical symbol).  When in ring (or torc) form, the two heads face each other.

What you get
Dareos is an extremely nice guy and lives to serve those in need (Selfless and Charitable), but when he's required to fight, he does so brutally (Bloodlust).

He's polite to everyone, but throws the occasional off-putting statement or action toward women, especially those he's attracted to, and can be outright rude to those that attempt to seduce or romance him.