6'1", 180 lbs. Valdassyan, Human male, Mid 20's. Dark, wavy hair, worn short. Dark eyes, and a bronze complexion with a ruddy, healthy glow.
 He carries a thrusting broadsword, a hook sword, and wields a sai, as a main gauche in his left hand. When expecting trouble, he dons a coif, and prefers various types of lighter mail. Otherwise, he wears an intricately made, black patch-work leather jacket, with a deep hood, which casts a shadow over his face. Reinforced heavy leather pants, and reinforced leather boots, and metal hand guards protect the backs his hands and wrists, with  leather palms. Embroidered or striped, kaftan and sash, are his usual attire. He is stately, and athletic, moving with the grace of a cat stalking it's prey. He possesses a keen intellect and is both inquisitive, and good-natured. He often finds himself a foil against evil, and those who would otherwise offend his sensibilities. 

Iskander is the youngest scion of the wealthy Almonte merchant house in Valdassya. Being the youngest, he had no real inheritance coming, and so he left to seek his fortune.
One fateful voyage at age 15, the ship was overtaken by a fleet of Sahudese pirates (Tanka) and he was pressed into their crew. He befriended the flagship's cook, and quartermaster and being an able sailor, served with them for three years,Living with their massive fleet, including the women and children. He learned their culture and fighting style, that he incorporates into swordsmanship and use of main gauche. Sensing something in him, their mystics suggested he be allowed to leave them. The superstitious Tanka finally turned him loose in Northport's western docks where he was pointed towards the guild where his like would do best. Iskander soon joined adventurer's guild, and it was discovered that he had a small, latent magical affinity, as well as an attraction to strange powers, spirits, and entities. He seems to see his condition as mostly a boon, and picks his battles when he encounters the supernatural carefully. He particularly avoids dealings with evil spirits, demons, and undead, never trusting them, but he is curious,and wont let them get in the way of learning the secrets and powers they guard! He is obsessed with magical locales, places of power, magical items, and pours over mystical lore of all kinds. Although good, something else drives Iskander. Anyone spending time around him, will realize he is seeking something, beyond the scope of most mortal men. Strange things and encounters seem to happen in his presence, and sometimes choas follows in his wake. Iskander taking it all, within his stride.
Reaction Modifiers: Charisma +1,Attractive +1 = +2 / -2 VS folks who realize his weirdness magnetism and would fear, +2 to more adventurous types!