Mid 20's, 6'1" 175 lbs, dark, short, curly hair and dark eyes. Attractive/impressive, fair complexion. Athletic physique and agile, with a disarming smile and ruthless charm. Grimaldi wears a chain shirt with an attached coif , beneath a hooded leather jacket, and remains hooded, when not impolite. Light scale sleeves, worn over his jacket, on a harness,and scaled leggings and boots,complete his attire. He carries a small backpack, and a nasty looking estoc or "tuck", is sheathed on his back. Curly haired, apple-cheeked, and stately, with a calm, but intense visage, Grimaldi combines imposing with impressive, but he is also courteous, having been educated in manners, apparent to upper-classes.
Grimaldi is a mercenary swordsman, and eclectic wizard.
Treating everyone with a distant courtesy, Grimaldi is a loner, and is all business. When in good company, he is witty and amiable, with dry, and dark humor. However, he won't abide the company of, or have any dealings with blackguards and scum, for Grimaldi is also something of a vigilante. He considers the likes of them fair game, collecting the skulls of those unfortunate to cross him, as well as the bounties on their heads.
Grimaldi is cool, calculating and deadly, but has a benevolent streak, and carries himself honorably. He is also very keen on his magical studies, as well as improving and maintaining his physical prowess, and can be found pouring over arcane lore, taking notes, or drilling and sparring, when he isn't looking for work.

Modifiers: attractive +1, charisma +1 [+2 reaction], +3 fright checks,[combat reflexes +2,cool +1], active defenses +1,
+1 to all health rolls, energy recover rate x's 2 [fit]