Aegis is a rugged man, standing at about 5'10 and weighing around 180 pounds. He is in his mid 30s. He keeps his black hair cut short and keeps his beard short yet well cared for. He wears a black leather jacket over light scale torso armor with leather sleeves attached. His pants are black leather as well, and he wears them tucked into the top of his boots. A dark grey hooded cloak covers his apparel most of the time he's on the road. At his side he wears a shortsword on the left and a large knife on his right. He also wears a quiver filled with several silver arrows  on his belt. Behind and under his pack, two throwing axes are crossed with the handles protruding for easy access under his shield, which he usually hangs over his backpack along with his pot helmet.
When not in combat apparel, he wears a simple white button up shirt and brown pants held up by the same belt that holds his shortsword and knife.