Balir Ironhide
Balir Ironhide is quite large for a dwarf, even by normal standards.  He stands 4' 5" tall, and weighs in at a solid 270lbs.  He has black hair, and a full beard which is neatly braided over his chest.  Brown eyes sit back on either side of a slightly pug nose.

When adventuring, Balir typically wears a well-polished suit of heavy mail, and carries a large tower shield.  He will almost never be seen without a wicked looking axe in combat, along with a pair of throwing axes.  He carries a spare pick on his backpack just in case it's needed.

Balir is young for a Dwarf, and has chosen to leave his homeland* to come adventure with human folk.  He brings with him wealth and status, and a loyalty to the people he travels with.  A mug of ale is never far from his hand, and he is always happy to chat about just about everything, even with elves.

* Dvergholt is one of the major homes for dwarves, far to the Northeast above Shevnia.  It is located not far from the mountain redoubt of the elves, Blafjell.