Benito Drake
Benito comes from a wealthy family, Benito had a strong work ethic instilled into
him at an early age. His father was renown for doing whatever was asked. Considered ruthlessly efficient, Benito, like his father, was able to lead those under him to cover whatever costs for any project he worked on, considering justice as all important, even at the expense of friends if it came to that. Not
surprisingly, therefore, his friends also held justice as important. Unfortunately, that meant that his father also made many enemies. Business being fickle, enemies burnt down his fathers business, killing his father. Benito fled, and came to Northport to start afresh with what he could salvage with his cousin.

At 5'11" and 120 lbs, he is on the wiry side, but stops just short of being
too skinny. Of olive complexion and dark brown eyes and hair, he is not
especially attractive to look at, but his demeanor is serious.

His shop is coming along nicely.