Leroy du Lac
6'1 180 lbs, attractive, unruly auburn hair, pale gray eyes, and fair complexion with slightly pointed ears. 18 yrs old.
Leroy du Lac has recently come to Northport and found work with the guild as mercenary man-at-arms. His name, du Lac, comes from his family's enchanted backwoods holding, Manoir du Lac, on an small lake. The family claims supernatural origins through his paternal great grandmother, who is a naiad. They are mercenaries by trade, and now Leroy has come to seek his fortune in the city. He is truthful,keeps his word, and is known to honor his contracts. He is also a trustworthy friend, and comrade. He despises blackguards and scum, and evil monsters, and is ruthless and a bit blood thirsty, when dealing with their kind. Leroy lives for the mystery and thrill of adventure, and the honor, glory, and spoils thereof. He also enjoys having a good time, indulging in feasting, wine, women, and song. He is proud, and always up for a fight, but cool headed and determined.
Just over six feet tall, impressive and burly, Leroy is clad in a hooded, sleeved, coat of scale armor, with the scales being heavier on the front, shoulders, and hood. Leggings are attached, and matching gauntlets with boots, complete his scaled panoply. He carries a targe, a boarding axe is tucked through his belt, a baselard is sheathed in his boot, and a nicely balanced, war club hangs from a thong, on his belt. He also carries a small backpack when adventuring.
+1 reactions (attractive), +1 to fright checks (cool)