Dress in blue shirt and trousers this small 6 inch figure has double set of wings.
He has small set blue boots.  His whole appearance not just his wings has sparkle like someone just sprinkle a little bit glitter on him.
This little pixie has  friendly but worried look on his face.

However you do not want get wrong side of him

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Rosewood points at you.  "Eat Pixie Dust"
Time seems to stop for moment as you see beautifully coloured pixie dust slowly moves towards you.  It slow spiraling movement is a little hypnotic.
You smile to yourself.  What a stupid pixie, like, pixie dust, how is that going to hurt me.  Everybody know pixie dust just brightly coloured dust, that all.
Then the pixie dust touch you and it slams hard into your side.  Ouch.  The Pixie dust felt like someone punch you.  It hurts.  What the it really hurts.