Alchemist McNealy is a Gnome of 4'2" tall.  He's a little stocky for his size, but carries himself well.  His gray eyes are usually hidden behind protective tinted glasses.  He has curly black hair cascades over a dark tan, as he much prefers being out on an adventure over lounging around town.

The Gnome wears brass chased leathers, and carries a staff with a sling affixed to it's end.  He has a bandoleer, and a potion belt for carrying combat grenades, as well as a pouch with sling bullets.

Tradesman McNealy is accompanied by a miniature pack horse, which carries his mobile alchemy lab. He also has Delver's Webbing attached to the horse for carrying all of his herbs and brewing components, plus any spare potions he needs for emergencies.

When under pressure, McNealy can be impulsive.  It has gotten him in trouble with the Hadereum on more than one occasion, as he prefers fire when in a hostile environment.  He came to the guild when they purchased his indentured servitude.  McNealy has come to an agreement and worked off his debt, but the administration still recognizes him as a criminal.

His long term goal is to learn all the potions available, and be the greatest alchemist there ever was.