Saishi Jin
Hou Ji was the chinese god of harvests, named after the person who is reputed to have brought millet to china. His staff is both a Clerics tool and a holy symbol...rules for combining these have been applied. He has sold everything in order to get his staff, which has become his signature gear.

Saishi Jin is a common farmers son who went to the local priesthood of Hou Ji in order to enhance his fathers farm. His father, unfortunately, was so successful that thieves broke into his house, killing the guards, and killed him and his wife in order to make off with everything he had worked so hard for. Saishi Jin now uses his skills to not only help farmers, but to protect them as well.

A slender build from years on the road, Saishi stands at just 5'10" and weighs just 95 lbs. His black hair belies his age, though he is probably not more than 25. His simple clothing is white, with an embroided dark green cape often worn over the top with prayers sewn into it (his clerical clothes). He has a large dog that accompanies him, and carries an unusual staff with prayers gilded in gold along the length, and a golden holy symbol of Hou Ji near one end. Red ribbons flutter from both one end as he moves. One of the ribbons seems to glow as brightly as daylight.