Grohm'Tahl is average in height for a half-orc at 6'4. He weighs in at lanky 240 lbs. His skin is light pale green with a gray tint to it. His coarse, black hair is pulled back into a top knot. Grohm'Tahl's body is covered in heavy and intricate tattoos almost everywhere except for his face. On his right forearm is the battle standard of the Severed Hand orc tribe. He has many body piercings in his nose and ears.

Grohm'Tahl wears scale armor over a maroon shirt and dark brown pants with high boots. When on the road, he also wears a worn brown hooded cloak. He wields a halberd with practiced ease. A throwing axe and large knife hang from his belt.


Social Stigma (Savage) -2
Appearance (Unattractive) -1
War Leader +1 (professional soldiers)