Lucius McMurphy
Name:        Lucius McMurphy
Affiliation: Mercenary/Small World

Nominally a Capellan, his birth on the ice age planet of Small World on the border of the Federated Suns would in the very near future become the Chaos March.  Not buying into the whole hive mentality that House Liao was pushing 'Burner' as he became called for his hereditary Fire Javelin left his home for Galetea.  At least there he could get paid and choose his destiny.  Admittedly it had amounted to a slew of unimpressive Garrison duties, but the money was good and it gave him plenty of time to learn how to survive.

Recently he 'sold' his Fire Javelin to the Omni government to take in the targeting data that he had collected from his time piloting the thing and using their Beta Targeting Computer.  In exchange he was given one of their X-3a model 'Power Loaders,' in his mind likely to test out their interesting tech in the hands of a accomplished pilot rather than the inexperienced Omni ones.  Still it seemed to be holding up well and the newer models that he was seeing seemed to be even better.  Though he didn't expect he'd be able to get his hands on any of them.

Events haven't played kindly upon his employers though and as the Taurian Concordant pushes their agenda forcefully their homeworld has come under attack.  Luc had the luck to meet Brigid Schneider, one of Omni's more promising engineers, who said she'd help him out as his tech in exchange for defending her home.  It was an exchange that was mutually beneficial...

--Conventional Support
80% Mech's armor--
--Personal Armour
9.50 tons max--
--Personal Internals
3.0 tons max--
--Personal Ammo
0.0 tons max--
--Personal Equipment
12.0 tons max--
---Mech Storage
3 Mechs max--
74af Ferro (~4 tons)
3.0 tons
ER PPC (2tn)
BAES (1 arm, 2tn)
Raven Beagle (2tn)
Medium Laser x2 (2tn)
X-Conversion Kit (N/A)
Targeting Computer (1.5t)
X-3a Power Loader

Updated Skirmish Load
(2) Medium Lasers torso mount (2.0 tons)
(1) Beta Targeting Computer head mount (0.5 tons)

Lucius McMurphy
Gunnery    4 (3 w/Energy)
Pilot      5
Scout      8
Leadership 5
Edge       1

6/9/0 Movement
7/11/0 Skirmish

10 Heat Sinks

RA Sword

(2.5) ton Skirmish Load
RT Medium Laser
LT Medium Laser

Repair modifier x1.30
H    8a    (3i)
CT  15a(5)(10i)

RT  11a(2)( 7i)
LT  11a(2)( 7i)

RA  10a    (5i)
LA  10a    (5i)

RL  12a   ( 7i)
LL  12a   ( 7i)

RT  RT Load
LT  LT Load

RA S U L H  Sword
LA S U L H  LA Load



Combat Load ~ 10kg

Ranged 4+      |  Physical 5+      |  Mental 5+
Energy +1         Leadership  +2      Edge +1
                Charisma (Pentagon)
Location     11 - 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 0 - Dead
TN Penalty   +0   +0  +0  +0  +1  +1  +2  +2  +2  +3  +3  ** - Dead
Action Point  8    8   8   8   8   7   7   6   6   5   4   0 - Dead