Pax Tarkin
Pax is an even 6 foot tall.  Dark hair and fair looks.  He likes the speed of his family's mongoose. He doesn't flaunt his birthright but does see things a bit different than his lower born lance mates.

Tarkin was from a minor Davion house known for producing military leaders.  Being the third son of a Baron his choices were limited.  Having trouble with his brothers he was forced to leave with but a token mech.  A hand me down from an uncle, another black sheep of the family.

Pax had often played in the old mech and would even be allowed to ride in it while his uncle would run practice drills.  He showed the young boy everything about the mongoose even joking about how the Pax would inherit his mech.

Then years later the old joke turned out to not be as funny as it was all those years ago.  As he left home his uncle toss him the Mongoose's command codes and said one simple thing.  "Speed is life."

On his own he was forced to serve in merc units.  Making enough to keep "Road Runner" moving at top speed.  A new group was forming and maybe he'll be able to join up.  One never knows out here.