Lina Todd
Name:        Lina Todd
Affiliation: Mercenary/Omni

Lina is the Mechwarrior's equivalent to a ground-pounder.  She wished she was smart like her older sister Megan who was granted the okay to pilot one of the most advanced mech designs in the Inner Sphere in the X-6 LAM but she was relegated to the X-3a.  A solid design but no where near her dreams that she had as a child.  Still she's taken her lumps under the command of Anastasia Karkoff and until recently her X-3a had been pounded with damage but always brought her home.  With the shift to the newer A-3 design she hopes to be able to not only prove herself further but gain the prestige of shifting into the rumored A-3C model or the much larger X-5 that would let her mount the powerful Light Gauss Rifle or even the massive Omni AC/20x...

Christmas Wish-Mech:

HBK-4G Hunchback
3,467,876 C-Bills

Current Assets to Sell:

1 864 720   A-3 Power Loader
    3 282   Current Bank
  160 000   Dual (2) ML hand packs
   85 000   LRM6 Torso module w/.5 tons ammo
2 113 002   Available