Piotr Kaminski
Background Bullets
-The Kaminski family were Szlachta (nobles) on Poznan, who were exiled to Tikonov when the Polish lost to the Spanish during the Poznan Civil War.

-Piotr attended Tikonov military academy.

-He is a dyed-in-the-wool Tikonov separatist and wants to see see the Slavic people in the region rule themselves, rather than be subservient to the Federated Suns or the Capellan Confederation.

-Fled the Davion invasion at the start of the 4th Succession War in 3028 to become a mercenary.  Some people might call him a coward, but he's more of an opportunist, preferring to strike when the odds are with him, not against him.

-Piotr's mech is a modified PNT-9R.  The top half is painted white, while the bottom half is painted red.  In addition, a large pair of wings have been painted on the back.  The image of a winged hussar adorns the chest, just above the Telos Four-Shot.

House Kaminiski Jednostka Wojskowa Komandosów (JWK)

Elite LRM Infantry (Jack of Trades: 2, Pathfinder: 2)

Team Leader: Chorąży Axel Wojciechowski
Operations Specialist: Młodszy chorąży Antoni Szymański
Intelligence Specialist: Starszy sierżant Filip Dąbrowski
Weapons Specialist: Sierżant Stanisław Kozłowski
Engineering Specialist: Sierżant Franciszek Jankowski
Medical Specialist: Sierżant Lech Mazur
Communications Specialist: Sierżant Olgierd Krawczyk

BTR Driver/Gunner: Starszy kapral Karolina Kwiatkowska

House Kaminski Zamiatacz (Polish for scavenger/sweeper)

Elite LRM Infantry (Astech:1, Scavenger: 3)

Born out of the Kaminski exile, these infantrymen have been trained to steal or take anything that isn't bolted down.  They carry long range missiles to damage enemy mechs, but generally prefer to stay out of direct combat.  They are skilled techs, which allows them to help with field repairs, and to keep their vehicle performing well.

Squad Leader: Sierżant Mateusz Nowak
LRM Crewmember: Plutonowy Jan Kowalski
LRM Crewmember: Starszy kapral Jakub Wiśniewski
Mechanic: Starszy kapral Michać Wójcik
Mechanic: Starszy kapral Krzysztof Kowalczyk
Ammo/Spoils Bearer: Kapral Kamil Lewandowski
Ammo/Spoils Bearer: Kapral Szymon Zieliński

BMP Driver/Gunner: Starszy kapral Kacper Woźniak