Adam Carlyle
Name:        Adam Carlyle
Age:          28
Eyes:        Blue
Hair:        Brown
Height:      6'1"
Weight:      175lbs
Affiliation: Free Worlds League, Graham IV

Born on Graham IV he was actually one of the few that was born on the surface rather than the orbiting stations.  Widespread nuclear bombardment leveled most of the planet's surface and destroyed the manufacturing complexes back during the Amaris Civil War.  A few cities remained after the Amaris troops left, being deemed to small to warrant a nuclear strike.  Those few focus on the little mining and refinement that can be done planet-side while the rest live in massive space stations orbiting the planet.  Only the family mech with its superior combat shielding allowed Adam to venture out into the wastes to scavenge, and even then there were sections that only much heavier mechs could hope to traverse safely.  There were few bleaker worlds that one could grow up on.

Having headed back to the FWL and on to Solaris after the total destruction of his heavily modified Urbanmech he found himself essentially penniless since he was dispossessed out of the Rat Pack.  There he bet on matches using the last of his c-bills till he could scrape enough for an industrial mech.  He then fought in the under-tier matches as well as accepting  He lived two lives, one as a knock-down-drag-out gladiator and the other as...well something far from it.  Eventually he faced one of the Sun's Hatchetmen mechs in the area and bested the pilot only due to some insider information about a crack in the head armour.  The battered pilot would not give up and it cost him his life, and Adam's chance of getting away from the life.  He took the shattered remains as his portion of the prize and invested every last c-bill into repairing it and making it viable before heading to Galatea to sign up with the first client he could find.  Ironically it took him back out to the Periphery.

In the Free Worlds League he was looked down upon for his prosthetics, a fully functional cybernetic left arm and both legs.  His family was willing to pay enough to have them concealed and he has some realistic skin coverings but on Solaris he never used them.  The ferro-titanium shells made for a perfect hook and the myomer musculature gave him panache that was undeniable.  Of course it also meant he had his clothes tailored to show off his bionic limbs.  In truth they are no stronger or faster or even tougher than the real thing and brings a whole host of maintenance issues but they help give him a presence.