Lan'elli Verris
LAN, the Prodigal Thief
Half Elf, 21 Years Old
Chaotic Good (Give a little, take a little more)

Appearance: Standing at 5' 7", Lan is thin and lithe, to the point of appearing gaunt.  He typically prefers clothes with lots of pockets that provide plenty of free movement.  He wears a short, dark cloak and an over-sized hood to hide his features.  His facial structure tends more towards his human half, while his elven heritage causes him to look even thinner than he is, also giving his ears a slight point to them.  His blonde hair reaches past his shoulders, framing his intense green eyes.  A light stubble shades his chin and cheeks.

Personality: Lan is a sarcastic cut-up. He tries to see the humor in a situation and the lighter side of things. He prefers working with a group, as he doesn't like to be alone. Despite his love of money, he does not neglect helping those in need. He has a tendency to oversell himself and his skills. There is a little of a gambler in him, and a penchant to cheat when he gambles as well; however, Lan is not heartless.  He will not bring harm to others if he can help it, though he will not hesitate to defend his allies when they are in trouble.  He understands the intrinsic value of life and respects it, a thief though he be.

Being a halfling in a human village with a elven mother, things were not handed to him as they were to others. He learned early on the hardships of fighting for himself and his single mother. His father- well the human man who betrayed his mother's trust and left in a fortnight- was a figment of his own imagination. He created the legend of who the man may have been, then tried to live up to the legend himself.

Why? Why did young Lan feel a need to create this story?

At a young age Lan and his mother lived in Terax- a small human village south of any large towns. His mother swore they never needed more than the simple life- but maybe if she had thought differently she'd still be alive. Lan still recalls the night he laid there holding her hand in the small one room shack they had called home. She had gotten sick while bringing food home from the market in the rain. She had given her cloak to young Lan to keep him dry. He remembered her telling him stories of her childhood, places she had seen, and her many adventures. It was then he decided that he would no longer stay in this cruel village. He left soon after her death.

Ever since he had been gone he had been dodge trouble from one town to the next. Rarely did he ever last long in any town.
Weapons: A recurve bow of Elven make, arrows, and a pair of daggers.

  • Elven Luck Pendant - a gift from a girl in the Elven village he once lived in
  • Wooden Figurine - meticulously painted to look like his mother
  • Mithril Arrowhead - a bittersweet memento from his riskiest and best-paying job. Lan pulled the whole arrow from his own leg. Over time, he's lost the shaft, but the head sticks around.
  • Set of Thieves Gear - the equipment of his namesake, purchased from his mentor when he was just starting.  Includes a lockpicking set.  He could have afforded better at various points, but he keeps this set out of sentimentality.