Name: Ayleth Draksen

Age: 24 years old

Race: Human

Alignment: True Neutral

Height: 5'8"

Hair: Her hair is a rich, dark brown, and it comes to a little bit lower than her waist - if she were to ever undo it in front of anyone, that is. She braids it and wraps the braid into a bun that sits snugly on the back of her head, which is hidden beneath her hood, and this hairstyle never changes and is never let down in front of anyone she doesn't trust. She uses two needles to keep it up - those two needles being about three inches in length with wax caps on their sharp points. This functions as a back-up weapon if she should need it.

Eyes: Her eyes are a very piercing steely blue, and she has a certain stare that has been known to make grown men back down.

Appearance: She has a very dark, slightly darker than navy blue cloak that comes to her mid-calf, with a face-concealing hood that she almost always keeps up. The only time she'll put it back is if it's obstructing her field of view for some reason, or something causes it to get in her way. She even falls asleep with it up and covering half her face. There is a fine needle sewn into each of the two front bottom corners of the cloak. The cloak is also good for concealing the four daggers and leather travel pouch she has on her belt, and the fifth dagger that sits in a sheath at the small of her back. On her torso she wears a dark blue, long-sleeved shirt underneath a hard, custom fit leather vest. On her forearms she wears leather bracers of a matching color, with a matching leather-tooled Chinese-style dragon twisting around itself on each one. Each one has a slim, fine blade inserted between the two layers of leather. Her pants are the typical medieval homespun in a yellow/whitish hue, and she wears slightly lower than knee-high dark leather boots (with a sixth knife in her right boot) meant for walking days on end.

Personality: She is extremely secretive, and she never talks about her own life unless she needs to. Even then, she will never give out more information than is required. She prefers to be sassing someone instead, or complaining about their lack of intelligence. Her keen eyes are always watching her surroundings, flickering from person to person as well as keeping her peripheral on the environment around her, any movement catching her gaze. She is highly suspicious of anyone and everyone and their intentions, her hand never far from the dagger at her waist.

Your Items:

A necklace; thin silver chain and small circular pendant. Given to her by her father. The only thing she has left reminding her of home.

One of the daggers she fights with, dark black metal with a white bone handle; she considers it her lucky knife.

A little charm, kept in a tiny pouch on her vest, in the shape of a bird, that she bought from a magician. Supposedly it will save her life if she ever falls. She has not wanted to test it out, though, on the off chance it does not work.