Zigor Blaidd
Name: Zigor Blaidd
Age: 203 (Died 26)
Race: Vengeful Spirit (Human)
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Height: N/A, Armor 6' 4" from top to bottom
Hair: None
Eyes: Glowing Red

Appearance: Zigor is a shadowy, smoke-like spirit enclosed in an old and worn set of steel armor. He is covered entirely in metal and caped in an old family crest. Though corporal damage isn't as much of a problem, he scatters in light, and can be harmed or destroyed by spiritual or magic powers.

Personality: Dated, stubborn, and over-dramatic. Though not truly a follower of chivalry, particularly when it calls for mercy or generosity, he is extremely self righteous and strict. He would never break a sworn oath and despises trickery and betrayal above all else. He is extremely driven by matters of honor, and particularly of vengeance, holding grudges that date back centuries.

History: Sir Zigor the Relentless was a knight that served a cruel tyrant. He always considered himself good and righteous, but the tales of him that persist would not agree. What he was however, was dogged and strong, cutting down whomever his lord ordered him to, fighting on the front line of battles solely for glory rather than love or money.
Eventually his side would be bested though, the village he "protected" was captured by the enemy. He cursed angrily in his cell for days; The "honorable" enemy celebrated in preparation for his execution, no villagers he watched over called for his mercy, his "lord" stayed holed away elsewhere with no ransom offer for his return. The knight's anger grew larger and hotter up to his execution. Right before death he yelled with all his might, swearing vengeance on his enemies even in death.
The times after that were a blur lost to history; whispers of clanging metal haunting the empty night, cries for a duel scaring children away from the forests, and a faceless warrior stopping travelers in search for some sort of cause.
One day he finally left that little old hamlet behind and returned to the outside world, even offering his services to bandits; perhaps for his grudge against society, or perhaps as one final attempt to regain the glory of adventure.

Weapons: Sword and Shield, detailed below.

Your Items:

-Armor: The old and rusty armor he was buried in, it no longer contains any remnants of his body, but it smells of musty earth and sometimes creaks when moving. The Blaidd Family crest is attached on the back cape.

-Sword: Named "Industria", his favorite sword in life, it was a gift from his grandfather upon being promoted from squire to knight. It is the only part of his attire that still shines. It has been used to cut down many enemies.

-Shield: A shield that once bore the crest of the royal house he served, the front has been covered in several layers of black paint in anger. It holds a heavy grudge.

-Amulet: A traditional village ornament to calm the dead that was left on Zigor's grave. It is a round disk of stone etched with old words and the name of the deceased.

-Scroll: Proof of a knight, contains an oath, a royal stamp, and the seal of the army Zigor served. Stolen from a records vault and kept in his armor.