Name: Pandora
Age: 23
Race: She is a symbiotic creation, basically like a cross between a human and an artificially intelligent robot with free will.
Alignment: She's Chaotic Good for the most part.
Height: about 5'6"
Hair: Long golden hair that she wears with Greek laurels
Eyes: Bright dazzling blue
Appearance: She wears a simple Greek style dress
Personality: She is quite similar to the Pandora of Greek Mythology. A pleasant outgoing girl who seems to have some horrible luck.
History: Pandora was created by someone known as Dr. Lyllyth. She is from another dimension and has no recollection of why she came to be here. She is trained in a few languages but there is nothing really to special about her. Unless you consider one with exquisite etiquette to be special.

Your Items: The laurel wreath that she wears upon her head, a box which she carries about with her everywhere but never opens, a necklace that is made of the tears of dragons, and a book of unknown origin.

The Laurel Wreath- This is her favorite accessory, she is sentimentally attached.
A box- An ornate looking box that used to belong to her mother.
a necklace that is made of dragon tears- She found this the only time she ever opened her mother's box.
A book of unknown origin- She has never read it, she cannot read the language. It was the only book that survived her father.

I want to note that for background purposes she was raised as a human child by human parents but they died in a house fire.