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Name: Tora
  Age: 23
  Race: Were-Tiger
  Alignment: True Neutral
  Height: 5'4
  Hair: Brown
  Eyes: Dark Amber


 Tora was born and grew up in a were-folk tribe. Many such villages existed in the land and hers was one of many that were open to anyone under the throes of any form of Lycanthropy. Tora's home was not without its problems; occasional raids of the less open minded settlements nearby being the most pressing, but having a city militia composed of were-wolves and were-lions with were-eagle and were-raven artillery was more than enough to keep any attackers at bay and on the whole the tribe's life was fairly relaxed. They farmed, they fished, they traded and explored as all villages do. They even had a doctor, though in truth he was more of a shaman with a previous background in military surgery before he was turned.

 Staven was from the not too distant kingdom had been embroiled in the war they waged against a rival. He took a nasty gut wound while in the field and in the carnage was left for dead. A passing caravan from the village found him not too long after and took pity on him. He was too far gone for normal help and he wouldnt live to make it to a proper healer, so the Were-wolf in charge did what only their tribe could and gave him the cursed healing prowess of the Moon. Staven joined the tribe and the village to repay the debt on his life. The people took to him immediately, but none more so than Tora, who hung on his every word. Staven also had training in the shamanistic arts, all the more reason he took to being a field medic and the villages doctor, and he saw the same spark in Tora. With her parents permission, he took Tora in as his apprentice, showing her the ways of nature and science and showed her how to combine the two.

 He taught her to listen to the trees and the flowers, taught her the language of the beasts and birds and as she grew, he revealed the secrets of restoration and lifted the veil to the ethereal, teaching Tora to speak to the spirits. Tora was awestruck and amazed... at first. But setting bones and mending twisted ankles grew boring. Even talking with the spirits grew dull because the only spirits around the village were old farmers or the like. There were no warrior spirits, no geists with grudges they held, no malicious entities bent on terrorizing people, no heroes awaiting the chance to fulfill a destiny. Just farmers, millers, fishers and old maids. Tora was bored.

 And so, one night while the town slept, Tora dressed quietly. She packed her bag with her most precious belongings and grabbed a few of Staven's prized items just for good measure and stole away in to the night, intent on finding something more interesting, something grand and amazing to do. Something that would lead her on an adventure that would be worthy of song and story to kings and emperors. Instead, she found a group of travelers that were half a peg better than bandits, but it would have to do for now. Maybe they would muddle their way in to something interesting eventually.

 Generally lazy, but always curious about new things. She prefers talking to trees and spirits to having to have a serious conversation with people. Usually in a decent mood, but if she gets bored or annoyed she will walk away from the issue/person. This doesnt win her many friends, but those that can put up with her she'll defend without question.

 Teeth and fangs.
 Curved ceremonial dagger, surgically bladed edge.
 Tora has an aptitude for shamanistic magics. Communing with life energy and spirits.
 She has a long list of languages she speaks including some animals and even with willing spirits.
 She can imbue some restorative magics such as healing and Tora herself has a higher tolerances to toxins.

Your Items:
 Friendship Bracelet: (From her mother when Tora turned ten)
 Wolf carving (Small coin sized wooden wolf carving, given by the tribe elder when she came of age)
 Talisman pendant (Belonged to her teacher. He said it warded off a great evil, but he never explained any more than that)
 Ceremonial Dagger. (Belonged to her teacher. Inlaid with many strange runes and symbles, it was locked in a chest before Tora took it. But it was dangerously sharp, and Tora needed a knife for her trip)