Name: Sankt Pestis (Post skin walker phase)

Age: 19

Race: Human/Angel

Alignment: Neutral Good

Height: 5'9

Hair: Black/Gray - Crew cut

Eyes: Green/Gray

Appearance: Sankt has a skinny build, flat undefined stomach and chest, semi broad shoulders. A wide brim straw hat sits upon his nearly cut hair. Bottom side wire frame glasses sit upon his pointy nose, accented by a silver stud in his right ear. Leather gauntlets with metal studs over the knuckles. A right sleeveless leather tunic sits on top of his gray shirt. A thick black leather belt holds up his medical pouch and utility pouches which contain medical resources. Complete with baggy cargo shorts.

Personality: Sankt is friendly with familiar faces and attempts to be outgoing in general. Never hesitate to ask him a question as he's more than willing to share his mind with another. A morally driven person whom will always help anyone with good intentions.

History: Sankt has no memory of his past prior to age of fourteen. His mother whom was human revoked her religion and was struck down for it by his very father. Having killed a human in what seemed like cold blood, Sankt's father was due to be called back to Heaven to be cast straight to hell. His father, an angel not in good standing with his own god well before these events wiped Sankt's memories clean to protect him from the beyond worldly powers. Sankt's father also destroyed any of his own memories of his child other than that he had one. As far as either are concerned, they aren't related and have no knowledge of one another.

 A mere peasant with nothing more than the ability to do house chores at the given time. Sankt was adopted by the local priest, the church became his home. The way of the healer was taught to him, away from the church in private as it turned out Sankt was heavily uncomfortable on holy ground. But all seeking the path of righteousness and healing were welcomed by Raphael. With his angelic powers, Sankt surpassed anything the old priest could have began to teach him about the power of healing with prayer. Sankt still learned the natural ways of healing the body as power was never meant to be abused. By the time Sankt had reached eighteen he had become eager to travel and apply his skills on the road. Having learned as much as he could from the priest he set off to carve his own path of life.

Weapons: Walking cane with a sword inside of it, hunting knife,

Your Items:
Walking cane given to him by his former training master
Silver stud earring from deceased mother
Book of healing also gifted from former training master.
Gold treasure coin picked up during travels