Kerath Taliss
Name: Kerath Taliss
Age: 28
Race: Chengahl (half tiger, half human like a centaur is half horse, half human)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Height: 6'7"
Hair: Tiger striped
Eyes: Yellow brown, like a tiger's
Appearance: Kerath is a half tiger, half human like a centaur is half horse, half human. His lower body has 4 legs, and a tail and his upper body has the torso, two arms and head of a person, sort of. His whole body, upper and lower half, is covered in tiger fur and even his head looks like that of a tiger, more so than that of a human. He wears very little, his fur providing the only cover he needs. He has a belt, holding his two swords, a quiver on his back holding three javelins and another belt that goes around his tiger body just behind his front legs that have two large pouches on it.
Personality: He is a little reserved and quiet, but very noble and proud. He has lost his whole tribe and that weighs heavily on him.
History: Kerath grew up among the Chengahl, which is both a race and a tribe. He was the son to the leader of this tribe and was to inherit rulership of this tribe. He had already proven himself a skilled general and warrior in his tribe, he just had to accomplish one more trial to prove himself worthy of being a leader.

He set out to slay a griffin on his own to prove his strength and show he was truly worthy of the tribe's respect. While he was successful, a terrible tragedy befell his tribe while he was gone for the two weeks he spent tracking, hunting and killing this great beast. When he returned home carrying the head of the griffin, he found his whole tribe killed. While he was away, a rival orc tribe, many times the size of the Chengahl had attacked, and while he saw 5 dead orcs for each Chengahl that was killed, his tribe had still been wiped out to the last, except for himself.
Weapons: Two longswords, three javelins.
Your Items:
Blood Rage - this is one of the swords Kerath carries. He got this blade off a mighty warrior he defeated in his first battle ever and has carried it through many battles since.

Leather headband with feathers - Kerath had fallen in love with only one Chengahl, her name was Thallia and she was to be his wife once he took control of the tribe. He loved her and cared about her more than anyone. Other than his parents, she is the only one he buried in his tribe, the rest he cremated on a large funeral pyre.

His sword belt - crafted for him by his mother, it is a keepsake to remind him of her.

His quiver for his javelins - His father had carried this quiver into every battle he had been in and now Kerath hopes it will carry him through many battles to come. He believes that it carries the spirit of his father, and by extention, his whole tribe.