Name: Feliph, sometimes called the Longstrider
Age: 25
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic good
Height: 5'2"
Hair: Yellow tinged with green
Eyes: Same
Appearance: Feliph tends to wear heavy clothes in earth tones, and often accessorizes with things like flowers and leaves, especially in her hair. She has a trim, athletic figure.
Personality: Feliph has a deep sense of wanderlust and a passion for exploring, which has led her far from home. She's usually friendly and helpful, especially to animals, and she loves nature. She tends to love extremes of nature a little too much, though - she enjoys seeking out dangerous places and animals.
History: Feliph is close to a druid, though she thinks of herself more as an "explorer mage." In her youth, she was driven by an insatiable need to get herself lost, and eventually her parents paid for a magical education to make sure she'd survive all these jaunts. She specializes in three fields of magic: adaptational magic (such as to heat and cold, and traveling underwater), healing, and insight on natural creatures. She can't quite communicate with animals or plants directly, but she can usually get along well with them.

She's always accompanied by her enormous bull mastiff, Hamilton. She found him as a puppy after his mother's death and raised him herself while she traveled, and he's now a steadfast companion. He tends to act kind of goofy, but gets serious (and dangerous) very quickly if his mistress is threatened.

Weapons: Her quarterstaff, although she's not a very good fighter and she prefers to make peace with hostile encounters if she can. If anything, her main "weapon" is Hamilton.

Your Items:
-Hamilton's collar, and matching bracelet: This magic collar, purchased with most of Feliph's funds at the time, lets Feliph sense where her companion is and his general state of being at all times while she wears the bracelet.
-Quarterstaff: Used mostly as a walking stick, Feliph was given this as a gift by her mentor.
-Seashell necklace: Crafted by Feliph herself, she adds to it when she finds especially interesting mementos underwater.
-Deekin's gloves: Given to her by an ogre she met and befriended in her travels. Supposedly enchanted, but they're way too big for her to wear, so she carries them rolled up and uses them as a travel pillow.
-Notebook: Used to note new plants and animals she encounters, and occasionally save things like pressed flowers.