Name: Tath, or the 'Silver Fang' in select circles
Age: 24
Race: Catfolk
Alignment: Chaotic Good/Neutral. Tath fits just within the boundaries of 'basically good.' Will follow her whims or what's right, depending on the circumstances.
Height: 5' 4"
Hair/fur: Pale platinum/dull brown
Eyes: Dull Teal
Appearance: Lithe and toned, pragmatic yet simplistic in style. Tath is built much like an acrobat or performer would be, and her style of dress is built around her grace and flexibility. Simple leathers reinforced in key areas, a scarf to keep out the cold that her fur might not stave off entirely, and a hood for cover and anonymity.

Personality: Playful and hedonistic. Tath covers up the past with a healthy dose of optimism in the morning, a dash of pleasure-seeking in the evening (She generally isn't too discriminating), and adventurous work in between. There's probably some freudian slippage about her ma or da not loving her enough somewhere in there, but if you ask her, "Living is better than dwelling on the past."

History: Rather uneventful, as catfolk go. Nomadic by nature, she was raised going from town-to-town, carrying all that she owned in a pack on her back, and generally keeping on the move. Somewhere along the way, she picked up a knack for petty theft and a few handy tricks in a fight, one thing led to another, etc. etc., and suddenly Tath was breaking off from the caravan to score in some heists. The whole 'killing' thing was kept to a minimum, for the most part, but so long as the gold was raking in, she didn't mind the pay if the price was high enough.

Okay, so maybe some roving bandits got lucky and managed to take down a skilled tribe of warrior-merchants. In their defense, they did have a gnarly sandstorm brushing through with the elemnt of surprise on their side. Though Tath had only been visiting when this happened, and her life as a thief and rogue for hire was cemented. Didn't much help that she had nowhere else to turn to, then.

And so the "Silver Fang" was born. Legendary thief, part-time assassin with a penchant for big payouts and large parties, especially if said parties were held in a palace with dull guards, droll bards, and diamond-filled vaults.

Weapons: Typically in a standup fight, she relies on her claws, though Tath carries a rapier she's quite skilled with, as well as a bow and a dagger.

Your Items:
Blackbook: Part diary, part ledger. Contains Tath's personal thoughts as well as a list of finances (Where to find them, how much she has, how much she's spent, etc.). Also contains a list of potential jobs, completed jobs (As well as extensive notes), contacts, and a number of other things. Has various enchantments on it, for security and longevity.

Tiger's eye necklace: Memento of her family. Her mother's. Culturally, it signifies "Ferocity" or "Tenacity."

Scarf: Though most catfolk tend to stick around warm climates, Tath's unusual in that she goes. . .Well, wherever there's work. What can be considered a mentor-figure gave her the scarf to protect from the cold. Minor protection against elements enchantment on it, but nothing special.

Ruby ring: Tath's never been one for flare and fanciful displays, but she makes it a point to wear this ornate, and very valuable ring. It was a trifle she filched from a minor magic peddler, who claimed (Falsely) that the ring alerts its wearer to danger. If you ask her why she keeps wearing it, her reasoning is usually something along the lines of "Men love married female travellers."