Name: Eve
Age: 27
Race: Elf
Alignment: Neutral Good
Height: 5' 11"
Hair: Straight black, with purple streaks that is cut near the small of her back
Eyes: Deep violet
Appearance: Standing tall and yet not completely thin she fills out her black cloak and pants well. She wears simple blouses trying to avoid attention. Her face is thin but not sharp.
Personality: She has an air of mystery around her, yet she strong willed and curious. She is said to be the opposite of her kind who stay in their realm of domain and never venture far. She seeks the world out, or maybe she's just running from something.

Eve's mother was a traveling gypsy, her father a well ordered elf who lived in the safety of the walls of the land. The two fell in love and settled down, but for the traveling mother, stability seemed to slowly kill her. When Eve was four her mother handed her to Greta, the house maid, and said she'd return in a few days. Eve's mother had never left before, not for long.

Eve waited, but her mother never returned and her father removed himself from long interactions with the child. Eve grew up under Greta's care. She had a dream to leave the walls of the city, yet never got far. Greta tried to deter the child from leaving but Eve felt captive in the walls of her father's homeland. She was meant to marry and settle down in the wealthy society.

The last time Eve saw her father he had threatened her freedom. She did not waste a moment to escape. She has not spoken to her father or Greta since that day almost five years ago, though it is rumored her father has someone searching for her with intents to bring her home. She has found her escape and lives traveling the world with a bag on her shoulders.

Weapons: Long bow and a sword and dagger
Your Items:

Purple silk scarf- this was the last thing her mother gave her
An ebony stone necklace- This was  a gift from Greta, a blessing stone to protect her .
Dagger- This was given to her by a guard when she left home, he swore it would remind her of home.
Ocarina- this small instrument has been with her since she was a child and she is proud to know the tune of the gypsy.