Countess Branwen
Name: Branwen of Appleweald
Age: Unknown (Over 250)
Race: Vampire
Alignment: Lawful Good
Height: 5' 5"
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Silver (sometimes glows other colors)

Appearance: Though Branwen looks much younger than she is, she is an old and noble figure, and carries herself as such, usually. She appreciates finery, and has accumulated much wealth over the years.

Personality: Warm, approachable, and matronly. She cares deeply for her lands, her people, and her guests, putting their needs before her own. Dislikes violence, and tries not to hurt any being she feeds on in particular. Proud, and occasionally a bit overparticular about the rules, order, and propriety.

History: Founded by Branwen herself some centuries ago, Appleweald was a community that welcomed any species that needed peace and refuge from the outside world. It was long hidden away, and for the most part unknown expect by rumor and by other nobles in surrounding areas.

Being mostly populated by monsters and runaways, it originally wasn't very prosperous, and the residents had few society related skills between them, though the countess for the most part kept things together. It eventually found its place trading resources such as wood, ore, and food.

Still they were overjoyed when a healer offered his services to them. This would be their downfall, the healer offered his blood as tribute to the countess, and she fell ill. Finally, with no way to cure their leader, and her deteriorated mental state making her a danger to the populace, the community disbanded, with only the loyal bats personally taught by the vampire remaining.