Captain Quicksail
Name: Josias Petru Polykarpos Hulderic Henryson
Age: 38
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 5' 9"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Appearance:  Has a fairly unremarkable appearance and bearing, making it somewhat hard to pick him out in a crowd. This is likely purposeful on his part, given that he dresses quite average when conducting less than savory business; something about not mixing brands he claims.

Personality: Charming, savvy, and a bit wheedling, Quicksail's talent is definitely making a sale. The captain is good at fitting in and putting others at ease, he even goes so far to act "piratey" for his crew, though his manner quickly shifts when dealing with the port authorities. Loves gambling.

History: Quicksail is a smuggler and a fence that the bandits have dealt with on several occasions.  It seems that he is, or once was a member of a noble house, but he doesn't like talking about it, save for a dismissive grumble about a bad bet. He does quite a bit of legitimate trading when the price is right, and he doesn't have the stomach to get involved with anything too shady, so the authorities mostly ignore his dealings. His reputation is reliable and trustworthy, but his prices are bad, he also is notoriously terrible at gambling.