Sierra Emerson
Name: Sierra Rayne Emerson

Age: 24

Race: Human

Alignment: Lawful Good

Height: 5’ 10”

Eyes: Silver

Hair: Stark white hair that has not a curl in it, instead falling like a blanket of snow down to the middle of her back. You will hardly ever see it pulled up, except the few occasions when she puts it back during a fight.

Appearance: Her body is of an average build; she’s slender and her body seems to be very well in shape. Her skin is extremely pale, bearing resemblance to that of a porcelain doll’s flawless complexion. As for clothing, it usually consists of a simple, black, long-sleeved cotton shirt; a dark blue torso wrap-around that appears to function as extra protection as well as insulation from any cold days (plus it makes her look even more skinny and slender); black leggings; dark blue knee-high boots; a dark blue hooded cloak that wraps around her shoulders in the front, a concealed clasp seeming to button on the left shoulder; and finally, dark blue wrist guards.

Personality: (According to MBTI types, she is an INTJ). Sierra is a very quiet and mature woman; many have said that she feels like an old soul. To many, she may appear cold and stone-hearted. Her face is almost always neutral, most of her reactions going no further than a raise or furrow of her brow, accompanied by a frustrated rubbing of her forehead with just the tips of her fingers and the closing of her eyes. However, she does have a somewhat sharp sarcastic attitude that meshes with her “no nonsense” aura. She’s also incredibly suspicious and mistrustful, but extremely smart, wise, and cunning as well; a wonderful ally to have, especially in a fight. When you do manage to wiggle your way into her heart, you can see she is fiercely loyal and protective. Once in a while, whether you know her well or not, you might see the motherly side of her slip out, which appears more often than you might think (secretly, she really does care for people, even if she’s guarded when they come near her heart).

Though she may seem perfect externally, Sierra is plagued with anger and vengeance. When she can’t help somebody or fails to do something important for someone, she takes it hard, feeling like a failure.

History: Sierra grew up in a big family, the fifth born child of 10 kids total. Being quiet, Sierra often distanced herself from her siblings, focusing more on her relationship with her parents and best friend Tiffany. At around the age of 14, Tiffany was killed during a raid by bandits. Angered, Sierra immediately sought out an opportunity to learn how to fight, hoping one day to kill the men responsible for her friend's death. She left her family after learning a bit of basic fighting - enough to keep her alive on the road at least. She began tracking any mention of the bandits she could find, traveling from town to town in search of any clues as to where they had gone.

Her life mostly consisted of training and traveling as she continued to seek out the bandits. It wasn't long after leaving her family that she became involved with a mercenary's guild, and used the frequent quests as a method for honing her fighting skills. While staying with them and keeping her ears out for the bandits, she had a few run-ins with and soon became friends with another mercenary named Ayleth.

Not long ago, she was passing through a small town and ended up meeting Zane, a boy two years older than her who swept her off her feet in a whirlwind romance. He tried to persuade her to stay with him and rest from her years of non-stop travels. She agreed at first, and stayed with him for nearly a month, but she soon became restless and anxious that the bandits would get even further away should she stay any longer. Worried that her plan of traveling and finding vengeance would put him in harm’s way, she snuck off, leaving only a note that she would be back one day to truly be with him, if he chose to wait that long.

Weapons: A dark silver long sword that has a black, elegantly carved handle, and a dagger that's a much lighter silver, with a black handle.

Your Items:
  • A blue crystal necklace that her boyfriend gave her
  • A ring that is merely two small strips of metal twisted together and melded at the ends, something Tiffany gave to her as a token of their friendship
  • A silvery-white bladed dagger, finely engraved pattern weaving its way across the blade, a smooth obsidian handle, and a single midnight blue sapphire set into the hilt – a gift from her friend, coworker, and sparring partner Ayleth.

Her outfit: