Liseth Thoradin

Liseth is both small of stature and slight of frame; she stands under five feet tall and weighs in at less than a hundred pounds.  She most often wears her golden blonde hair long and loose but when traveling instead keeps it tied behind her head in a ponytail.  Her bright, azure-colored eyes are filled with a zest for life and her entire being exudes the sort of innocence of character that can only belong to one who has never wished ill upon another.

The small Oracle is obviously physically weak.  She carries no weapons anywhere on her person and even a casual observer would not be hard pressed to determine that Liseth could in no way wield a weapon effectively in the first place. While staying at rest in a town or city Liseth wears a pure white, full length robe with light, soft leather shoes.  When traveling, or going for a ride on her horse, Liseth trades out her robe for a more practical, yet modest, white wool dress.  Her dress consists of a skirt that reaches down just past her knees and a blouse buttoned up to just below her neck with sleeves that reach all the way to her wrists.  With her dress she wears sturdier heeled leather boots that go over her ankles.  If poor weather is expected, she also has a heavy, warm white cloak that can easily wrap around her entire frame.  At all times Liseth wears a humble wooden divine focus on a loose leather cord around her neck, very similar in appearance to one of Sarenrae's holy symbols.

Liseth always walks at a sedate, unhurried pace.  She moves much more slowly than would be expected of her, and when she tries to hurry the reason becomes clear.  Any time that she attempts to move at a faster pace than her slow walk Liseth begins to limp, the limp becoming much more pronounced the faster she goes.  Her legs appear uninjured, but she is incapable of keeping pace with most other people.

Her companion is Heilagr (Heily), a pure white Andalusian mare.  The horse is a beautiful example of its kind and possesses a calm, intelligent, and sensitive demeanor.  Even though Liseth herself is not a very skilled rider, she seems to have an amicable relationship with Heily and treats the horse more like a friend than a pet or beast of burden.