Cato Crispin
Cato has classic Chelaxian features: pale skin; dark, straight hair, and deep blue eyes.
Although he is more interested in books and research than hard work, his time with the Hellknights have given him a stronger build than most other arcanists.

Forced by his family to join the Order of the Nail, the Korvosan Hellknights, Cato unhappily served as a Signifer, lending arcane assistance in their fight against brigands and savages that plagued the area’s trade routes.  Repulsed by their brutality and harsh methods, he abandoned the Order.  Cato fled across Varisia, pursued by his former comrades.  Narrowly eluding capture in Magnimar, he sought refuge in the small ocean community of Sandpoint.
Having always been interested in the history of ancient Thassilon, Cato has told the locals he is a wandering scholar interested in studying the Old Light.  While he ponders his next move, Cato has found employment with the town sage, Brodert Quink.