Physical Description:
Conrad is a tall, compact man in his mid-thirties.  As a man of the wilderness, he usually wears dark leather and hoods.  His face has a controlled but casually unkempt look to it, with a dark rage simmering underneath.  His eyes rove like a wild animal on the prowl.  He keeps his dark hair cropped short to keep it out of the way and keep his aim true.

Conrad Gregor's father was a very talented and successful silversmith.  The family trade went back several generations.  When Conrad was old enough, he began to apprentice under his father and learn the skills he would need to take over the business.  Years went by and business boomed.  His father was too profitable, and local nobles wanted to gain a cut.  First they started with taxes, then escalated to extortion for “protection”.  As the fees grew day-by-day, Conrad's father became more agitated and began facing debt.  Eventually, his father broke down and couldn't pay anymore.  The thugs gave him some time to cool off and consider his options for a few months.
He was lulled into a false sense of security and put the protection money out of his mind.  One evening when he was working late, several ruffians broke in and trashed the place, robbed everything and murdered him.  When teenaged Conrad tried to get justice from the local police, he found that they were well paid and had many better things to do.  Filled with rage, he abandoned the village to find his own path, rather than trying to rebuild his father's shop and family legacy.