Description: Aras doesn't show much of the famous 'Elven Beauty'. He has a little brown in his otherwise classic golden hair and his brown eyes don't always sparkle. His height and weight are about average, maybe a few pounds on the heavy side. Maybe he's not gifted in looks, he is gifted in the ways of magic.

 I heard they were gathering at Halfpoint to follow a paladin against the orcs. The orcs, the followers of Basvak. He follows the dragon. The one that destroyed the tower near the woods. Balus's tower. The knowledge he taught us was invaluable, the knowledge in his library was priceless, but the real tragedy was the people who were counting on the wizard to save them. He came back to see his servants all dead, the farms burned and his tower torn down and pillaged. It was too much for the old man to take and he hasn't been seen or heard from since. He taught me all I know and I hope he hasn't become a 'mad mage', the object of quests in which teams of adventurers are sent to destroy him. Those teams keep coming for the promise of wealth and magical power until the mage is dead. Maybe he went after the dragon and was already dead or worse, captured. I need to get hold of my emotions, they've started blotting out my logic.
 We're gathering in Halfpoint. The bereaved and the broken. The bereft and the lost. A collection of wanderers converging on the halfling town. I thought there would be more. More who had lost mother, or father or child. More who lost everything and live now for vengeance. More victims who wanted their turn to be heroes. I thought there would be more people moved by the great reward of looting the dragon and its followers. I thought there would be more people to fight this war. Flip the Paladin says we'll attack the enemy right in his own home, tearing out the evil from it's root.
 We're all gathered here at Halfpoint. We're not enough. Flip says we are almost ready. He says that those not standing with his plan are cowards and not needed at the front. But a coward wouldn't have come to this place to join in the army. We're not enough for one assault that will carry past the goblins, the humans and the orcs massed together. We may be enough to defend what is left. We should send teams of more skilled people to strike inside the enemy lines to weaken and confuse them. We need to keep gathering strength until we are powerful enough to make that final strike.
 They've come to Halfpoint. Last evening the orcs began their attack. We've fought through the night and most of the day so far. Our wall seem to be failing as fewer and fewer of us remain to fight off the orcs outside and I fear that we won't last long. I shall try to hold off the orcs with my spells until the remnant of our defenders can fall back and gather for a last defense. In the distance I see a group, are they friend or foe? I'll know soon enough.