Kali is obviously a tattooed warrior, and she wears the clothing to prove it.  Wearing as little as possible in order to have access to all of her tattoos.  There are many scars on her body (often enhanced by a tattoo in order to stand out) a testament to her many arena battles.  Her back is covered in very old scars from beatings she received as a slave, barely visible now from age and the length of her hair, but never forgotten.  Kali's muscular body is toned to perfection with her auburn hair reaching to mid-back.  She does not smile often but when she does one can see that she is actually very pretty.


Animal: Tiger: 
Animal: Rhino:
Monster: Grigleaper:
Monster: Yll-treeclimber:
Simple Sword:
Simple Bow and Arrow:
Sword covered in flames w/serpent:
Bow and arrow covered in flames:
Chain with a Broken Link (strength):
Black Sun (Darkness Powers):
Chain wrapped around a cloud (air powers):
Heart with Large wings (fly):
Heart with Small Wings (run):
Heart Encircled by chains (Invulnerability):
Lightning Bolts (Throw lightning):
Phoenix rising from the flames (Healing):
Skull engulfed in flames (fire powers):
Skull coiled in thorns (Death touch):
Ball of thorns (Poison protection):
Rose and thorny stem dripping blood (Healing):
Shark (Swim):
Three eyes (Supernatural vision):
Heart pierced by stake:
Sword covered in flames: