Chiya Masumae
Chiya appears as a cute young Asian woman of eighteen or nineteen. With large eyes and dark black hair. Her skin is quite pale. She often favors oriental fashion in her clothing, though has begun adopting more of a New West wardrobe for the mission. A known psychic healer she travels with the caravan in that role.

Chiya is a study in contrasts young and exuberant but with a sense of honor.
She is friendly and outgoing, likes helping people and in her role as healer she tries her best.  She is also a spell caster who enjoys exploring and seeing the world.

Primary function: Healer, Granter of Magic Tattoos (So that the members of the team and Caravan do not need to go back to their clan holdings for them), and Sorceress with focus on travel.

Cover role in the carnival: Psychic Healer and Tattoo artist (Regular tattoos)
On occasion she will take on other rolls as the whim strikes her.

Clan Mori

Name Chiya or Yuki Washi aka White Eagle.

Gender Female

Apparent age: 18-19