Carlo De'Simone
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 210 but most think he's lighter
Eye Color: black
Hair Color: black
Age: He appears 25, actually 73
Gender: male
Appearance: he has two looks. The first, is a roguish and charming rake of a
man who wears cloths that are both stylish and yet functional. When he is
gathering information by trying to blend in, however, he tends to wear local
garb and even adopts some of their mannerisms. This allows him to appear so
different, he has actually walked up to people who know him well and had
conversations with them and they didn't recognize him.

He also appears in character as his stage presence of Merzon the All-seeing, and puts on a mind reading show for the circus, as well as tells fortunes. This look has him dressed it stage magician robes, with lots of glitz and glamor on them, and a Sikh style turban, and an ectoplasmic disguise that makes him look Indian. In this guise he speaks with an Indian accent, and is able to disguise who he actually is from locals. This prevents those who are aware that Merzon is telepathic, don't know Carlo is Merzon.