Samuel Lebrun
Appearance: Stands just over 6 ft, somehow always having a week old beard to match the prickly mop on his head. He has expressive sharp eyebrows and he wears a constant smile both on his lips and in his eyes. When he speaks, his hands move seemingly without his mind's knowledge and his booming voice is at least twice as loud as everyone else in the room. Even in utilitarian clothes he is neat and put together but some tattoos just under his inside wrist can be glimpsed at. Currently wears NG Maverick Armor, colored black with grey trim and paisley with several etched crosses and matching wide brimmed hat. His gun belt holds a TW-45 six gun and a couple of speed loaders on his right, a small knife and a couple of wood stakes on the left. Has a ring on his left hand with red jewel in it and a watch on the same arm. Wears a pendant, under his clothes, around his neck. Also on him are some sun-goggles and air filter around his neck. If on a mission, he has a small (30 liter) canvas backpack on him and rides a wastlander motorcycle. If working the carnival, has a guitar with him.

Charley, Appearance:
Human: A short (5ft) and lithe woman, her round and beige face is almost doll like, complete with dark glassy eyes that are absorbed in the world around her. Her movements seem to mirror her considered and rare speech, except for a playful smile that creeps upon her lips. When not in work clothes she often wears a simple dress that is a bit messy like her dark hair. Usually wears tan NG Range Rider armor with pink and turquoise bits as well as a straw floppy looking hat with a green and blue bandana tied as a hat band. Also wears a metal necklace chain necklace with a small cross and tags under her clothes. Has a gun belt with a TW Super Six Carbine on her right, 18 bullets in loops on the front, and a water bottle on her left. Rides a speedster hovercycle.

Wolf: A thick coat of various shades of black, grey and brown cover the canine. The large frame (7ft snout to tail) looks powerful and built for speed. Typically is rather still as ears and eyes are calmly focused on watching the world around them. A tail wag, tilted head, and slightly open mouth gives one the feeling this one is a bit of a goofball. Wears a chain collar with dog tags and a small cross under its two coated fur.