Standing at five feet and eleven inches Jereth was just shy of that vaunted six foot mark, and his older brother would never let him forget it.  Still, he kept a good humor about himself and joked that he must have gotten more Taldoran blood than his brother who took after their strong Ulfen father.  However, after their father's death at the hand of the mass murderer Chopper the jokes never felt as funny.

As a member of the Town Watch Jereth was often seen patrolling the streets with a smile upon his face.  Dressed in a new chainmail hauberk and a polished pot helm he imagined himself as quite the heroic figure, and commonly rested his leather gloved hands upon his belt or long sword pommel.  A round shield pointed with Swallowtail Butterfly holding a glassblowing pipe rested upon his back under his thick blue cloak.  Shod in sturdy leather boots and solid workman's clothing underneath his armor he was ready for the often changeable weather of the riverside town.